Monday, January 23, 2017

23-28 January 2017

Don't really have a plan and not feeling bothered enough to make a proper one but here's what I have already made or have bought stuff to make so that I don't forget:

3 portions chicken and vegetable soup in fridge
1 portion leftover chicken and roasted veg in fridge

Make: spicy carrot and lentil soup
Make: pasta bake
Still have half a pumpkin and quarter of a kohlrabi to use up as well

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

16-20 January 2017

It's only Tuesday and I've already not kept entirely to this meal plan. Oh well.

Planned (eaten)

Eggs with ham and cheese (to use up last slice of ham and rest of grated cheese) Yep, and very tasty it was, too
Smoothie Made with last of strawberries, big apple and youghurt, with a spoonful of chia seeds. Brought this to eat in the evening as snack before/after attending second lecture. Finished it at home, along with a large packet of crisps and most of a large packet of smarties
Soup Ate this in the afternoon before heading across town to first lecture
Stirfry and salad
3 chocolate hazelnuts
1 Schokobr√∂tchen 

Smoothie Smoothie made with frozen strawberries, apricots, mango and yoghurt with spoonful of chia seeds (snack at work). Also had cup of peppermint tea.
Soup and toast Ate this in the evening, veg soup from weekend with three small slices toast with butter, also finished smarties and had a Ritter Sport Nuss & Keks
Leftover stirfry Made this today (half a kohlrabi, one carrot, three shallots, handful green beans/broccoli, one leek, small half of cabbage and chicken) and had half of it for brunch, along with a small side salad with oil/balsamic/mustard dressing


Smoothie Smoothie made with frozen strawberries, apricots, mango and yoghurt with spoonful of chia seeds.
4 krisprolls with quark
Eggs in soup 2 eggs in veg soup
3 krisprolls with butter
1 mug milk

Eggs 2 eggs scrambled with butter
Smoothie Frozen strawberries, apricots, mango and yoghurt with spoonful of chia seeds
Pumpkin curry or roasted veg with chicken Small amount of roasted veg and chicken
Large packet of crisps
Large tube of smarties
Half a Ritter Sport Keks & Nuss
1 mug milk

Cereal Smoothie made with frozen strawberies, apricots, mango and yoghurt with spoonful of chia seeds
Leftover curry/roasted veg Roasted veg with chicken
More roasted veg with chicken and 8 potato croquettes
Half a large packet of crisps
2 mugs milk 
Most of a large tube of smarties

Half a Ritter Sport Keks & Nuss
1 Ritter Sport Knusperflakes
The rest of the smarties
1 Käselaugenstange
The rest of the crisps
1 bowl chicken and veg soup with 2 slices of toast and butter
100g sweets (2 chocolate covered Brazil nuts and the rest chocolate covered raspberries)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday 5th January 2015

1 burger with tomato and onion in a wholewheat bun
1 portion chips
1 small borek with feta
4 boiled sweets
1 ritter sport knusperflakes
1 mars
1 kinder bar
1 bowl cornflakes with milk

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday 4th January 2015

4 small/medium leftover potatoes, sliced and roasted with a glove of garlic in leftover duck fat topped with gouda cheese (about 80g)
1 ritter sport knusperflakes
Half a packet of mentos
5 x 0.5l pils
Plenty of water
Chicken bits with rice and a spicy sauce (totally oversalted)
Schweinebroetchen and a few chips
1 x starbar

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday 3rd January 2015

Fast day (but not really because I forgot and took duck out of the freezer last night)

1 mug chicken broth

2 legs duck confit

Several sweets - schokobons and werthers, I think about seven or eight altogether

Half a small jar of dried apple slices

1 bowl cornflakes

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday 4th May 2014

Fasting day

Rest of white bean mixture with small portion rice
1 slice bread with Rotling cheese
2 slices bread with 2 scrambled eggs

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday 3rd May 2014

White bean mixture heated up with a tin of tomatoes
1 slice bread with Rotling cheese
1 hot chocolate with cream
Korean restaurant: prawn crackers, duck and pineapple with rice, veg, kimchi.
1 small portion chips

Lots of walking