Sunday, April 17, 2011

Menu plan - week 16

Updated on Friday 22nd
No idea when I'll eat what but here's what needs to be eaten:
  • 5 slices of quiche I made earlier (with onion, some smoked chicken and gouda) - gone
  • 3 portions of salad (bought yesterday, washed today and all ready to be used) - gone
  • Bean stew (have put bean/lentil/chickpea mix to soax so that I have to cook this tomorrow - bought three mettwurst sausages yesterday to go with it)  - one small portion left for tomorrow's lunch (or maybe breakfast)
  • Half a jar of yoghurt - gone
  • 1 litre of milk (cereal for breakfast most days)  - gone
  • Half a container of buttermilk (used some to make muffins today, plan to make soda bread tomorrow) - gone
  • Wild garlic cream cheese  (I will either just have this on bread or will buy puff pastry, mix the cream cheese with leek and bake a roll) - nearly finished
  • Leeks (might make leek and potato soup towards the end of the week - another week or two and it will be far too hot to contemplate soup) - two left
  • Wholewheat muffins (made with stewed apple and raisins) - few left in freezer, these really don't keep longer than a day or two so hopefully they'll be okay in the freezer

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