Saturday, June 29, 2013

29th June - 5th July 2013

Meal plan (actually eaten)
Bread Kaesebroetchen
Something at garden 2 slices bread, one with quince chutney, one with herb butter, 3 cups herbal tea, 2 small pieces crumble cake (ca. inch square pieces)
Pork and rice Pork and rice
15 Schokobons, 1 small mars, 2 cough sweets, 1 cup herbal tea

Cereal Porridge made with milk, sugar
Salad 4 slices tomato foccacio-type bread with butter, 1 dried spicy sausage
2 small mars, 4 large mugs water, 1 large packet salt and vinegar crisps, 1 twix, 4 cough sweets

Cereal 2 Kaesebroetchen
Salad Lunch out - Wienerschnitzel with chips
Pasta with tomato sauce - Baby carrots, onion and garlic sauteed. 2 slices tomato foccacia-type bread, toasted with cheese and topped with chives
1 ritter sport knusperflakes, 1 small packet nicnacs, 4 cough sweets, 1 litre water, 1 small bottle sparkling water, 1 large mug water

Tuesday (worked till midnight)
Cereal porridge made with milk, sugar
Pasta leftovers salad - lettuce, dried tomatoes, pickled onions, vinaigrette
Salad (if any left), cheese, bread, etc. gnocchi with tuna in spicy tomato sauce, topped with cheese (takeaway)
1 large ritter sport keks + nuss, several cough sweets, water (2 litres, I think, definitely 1.5)

Wednesday (work till half-eight, choir then out afterwards)
Cereal Cornflakes with milk
Pasta leftovers penne in spicy tomato sauce, topped with cheese (takeaway)
Sandwiches Small salad - lettuce, dried tomatoes and the last pickled onion, with vinaigrette
1.75 litres water, several cough sweets, 2 small biscuits, 3 squares dark chocolate, 1.5 large Altbier, 4 mozzarella sticks with chips and 1 small pizza bread bits, sweet chilli sauce and aioli

Cereal 2 Kaesebroetchen
Lunch out Bratwurst with large chips (takeaway)
Eggs 1 small pitta bread with 2 slices cheddar
1.75 litres water, 1 homemade ice-pop, several cough sweets, 1 ritter sport knusperflakes, 1 small mars, 2 mugs water

Cereal 2 Kaesebroetchen
Sandwiches Spanish omelette (out) - potatoes, chorizo (about 2 pieces), olives (3!) and egg - finished maybe three-quarters of it. Two small slices baguette with quark. 1 glass sparkling water.
Dinner out after German lesson Kaeselaugenstange (half before lesson, half after), chips + dips
2 cups makes-you-pee tea, 1 litre water, 1 ritter sport knusperflakes, 2 cough sweets, 2 mugs water

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