Friday, August 16, 2013

17th to 23rd August - meal plan

Planned (actually eaten)

Porridge (2 x Kaesebroetchen)
Lunch at garden (Banana bread, herbal tea, apple juice)
Fish with rice (no later than 19:00) (bread with tuna, pasta with pesto)
(Chipsters, plums)

No breakfast (fasting)
Tomato salad (steak and baguette at around 14:30)
Spiced dahl (recipe from fast diet book) (small piece of baguette with tuna, 10 olives at 22:30)
(2 squares dark chocolate)

Smoothie (2 Kaesebroetschen) 
Salad with tomatoes (Lunch out - Leberkaese, Spiegelei, Bratkartoffeln)
Tomato tart (2 sausages, natural yoghurt)
(Plums, packet of Mentos, 2 squares dark chocolate, 5 mini-biscuits from Portugal)

Smoothie (2 Dinkelkaesestangen)
Tomato tart (2 slices quiche - made with 2 Bratwurst, 3 eggs, pecorino cheese)
Pasta with tomatoes, courgette, onion (pasta with courgette, tomato, garlic, veg. stock)
(Olives, 6 squares dark chocolate, 1 small apple)

Cereal (porridge if not too warm) (vegetable soup and bread roll (clearing space in freezer))
Leftover pasta and/or salad (leftover pasta, 1 slice quiche)
No dinner (fasting) (1 slice quiche at 18:15)
(2 squares dark chocolate, mini apple tart, 2 mini-biscuits from Portugal)

No breakfast (fasting)
Salad (@13:15 salad (lettuce) with dried tomatoes (oil), vinaigrette dressing (olive oil, balsamic, mustard, pepper, water)
Potatoes and eggs (250g potatoes, 300g sweet potatoes, 75g onion, garlic, olive oil. 1 slice quiche)
(1 schokobon, yoghurt)

Cereal (cornflakes and milk)
Lunch out (cheeseburger and chips)
Bread and cheese (no later than 19:00)
(1 ritter sport knusperflakes, 1 square dark chocolate, 1 large packet salt and vinegar crisps)

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