Friday, August 23, 2013

24th to 30th August - meal plan

Planned (eaten)

No breakfast (fasting)
Lunch out (1 x 0.3l Altbier, Zweierleikaese)
Tostada shells with beef?carrot, cumin, kidney bean balls in tomato (keeping for tomorrow, ate 1 slice bread with Rotschimmelkaese, large packet crisps, large mug milk)
(yoghurt, 3 honey waffle yokes, 1 milka caramel)

Porridge (carrot, cumin, kidney bean balls in passata with tostada shells and salad (not until 14:00 though)
Barbeque (bring courgette salad and chickpea salad?) (spoonful of potato salad, 1 burger with bun and slice of cheese, 1 rice krispie bun, 1 caramel square)
Bread (and leftovers?) (nothing - too full)
(2 glasses fizzy orange, 1 glass Sekt, 2 squares dark chocolate)

Smoothie (smoothie made with raspberries, strawberries and yoghurt)
Chickpea salad (chickpea, tomato and feta salad with lemon and garlic dressing)
Carrot, cumin, kidney bean burgers with roasted parsnips(?), sweet potatoes and tomatoes with caper vinaigrette (Bean burgers and 2 slices bread, Rotschimmelkaese with 2 slices bread)
(3 honey waffle biscuits)

Smoothie (rice krispies with milk)
Salad (+ cold leftover burger?)Lunch out (maccheroni al arrabiata)
Pasta with leftover roasted veg (nothing - ill)
(2 squares dark chocolate, smoothie made with strawberries and yoghurt)

Cereal (nothing - ill)
Leftover pasta (nothing - ill)
No dinner (fasting) (bread roll with pork)
(2 slices toast, cheese)

No breakfast (fasting)
Salad with tomatoesLunch out
Soup from freezer

Lunch outSalad
Irish Days in Leverkusen?

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