Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th September 2013

No meal plan again this week. Being sick seems to not only knock me off course for the time I'm sick but always for at least a week afterwards, too. Did do one day's fasting last week but cannot for the life of me remember what I had for dinner that evening and am pretty sure lunch wasn't a terribly healthy choice that day either so it was only a semi-fast day really. Will work on a meal plan for next week tomorrow but in the meantime wanted to track what I've eaten.

1 Zwiebelschnecke (like a savoury Danish - cheese and onion)
1 Ritter sport knusperflakes
2 squares dark chocolate
1 cup hot chocolate
2 x wrap with roast chicken and dried tomatoes (1st one at lunch time with 4 pieces tomato, 2nd one at 23:00 after getting home from choir, really, really hungry)
1 cup peppermint tea
1 cup herbal tea
3 half breadrolls - 2 with cheese, 1 with Schwarzwälderschinken

No breakfast as fasting
Lunch was red lentil soup with bread roll from bakery
Evening meal eaten around 17:00 as I was getting very hungry: salad with tomato, olive and feta cheese with balsamico dressing from same bakery
1 square dark chocolate

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