Sunday, October 13, 2013

12th to 18th October 2013

Planned (eaten)

(Bread roll with cheese)
(1 Zwiebelschnecke, 1 Käsedinkelstange, 1 Slawiner)
(Beef slices with spicy leeks, kimchi etc. and rice)
(2 x 0.4l pils, 1 x peppermint tea)

(Bauernfrühstück, 1 cup hot chocolate, 1 cup mint tea)
(Lentil cottage pie)
(5 funsize mars, several glasses red wine, ca. 3/4 of the bottle)

Cereal (rice krispies with milk)
Bread roll with tuna (2 x bread rolls with tuna)
Pasta with tomato sauce from the freezer (2 sausages/getrocknete Würste)
6 small funsize bars (colleague's birthday), 0,75 litre fizzy water, 1 cup hot chocolate, 1 large mug water

Cereal (2 Käsebrötchen)
Sandwich with rest of tuna (2-5 slices bread with tuna, 1.5 slices bread with tomato/goats cheese/aubergine spread)
Leftover pasta (Pasta with tomato/courgette/onion sauce, turkey pieces and grated cheese)
(2 funsize bountys, 3 ferrero kusschen, 1 small apple, 1 slice pizza, 1 large packet crisps, 1 glass wine)

Cereal (porridge with milk + sugar, 2 small croissants, 2 small pain au choc at meeting)
Lunch out

Fasting but cup of hot chocolate after therapy while pulling myself together to get to work
Sandwich with cheese and dried tomatoes
Scrambled eggs

Lunch out or bought sandwich
Popcorn at cinema

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