Sunday, January 12, 2014

12th to 18th January 2014

What I have on hand to eat this week:
Chicken with roast veg - 1 big portion then leftover chicken for at least 2 wraps 1 portion chicken left
Salad to go in wraps
Leftover roast veg Small amount leftover veg and rice
Stew - 4 at least 6 4 3  1 portions left
Pumpkin soup - 4 2 portions (and 2 gone into the freezer)
Leek and potato soup - 2 1 portion left
6 3 eggs
Small amount of gouda cheese
Usual stuff in larder: pasta, beans, lentils, rice.

Planned (eaten)

Large bag of crisps
1 mug herbal tea
1 mug milk
2 glasses water
1 bowl leek and potato soup
Chicken with roasted veg (pumpkin, potatoes, onions)

Scrambled eggs with leek and onion (scrambled eggs (3) with leek and onion)
Chicken and salad wrap (chicken (half-fillet) with salad and chutney in wrap)
Leftover roast veg with rice (leftover roast veg with rice)
2 mugs herbal tea, several glasses water
Small portion stew

Cereal (1 Käsebrötchen)
Beef and salad wrap (wrap with chicken, salad and chutney)
Pumpkin soup (stew)
1 large ritter sport keks+nuss
About 1.25 litres water
2 cough sweets
1 truffle (of the chocolate variety)

Walked home from work (ca. 35 minutes, fairly briskly) and had about 30 minutes stroll at lunchtime

Cereal (Käsebrötchen)
Soup (Lunch out with friend - pasta with salmon, leeks, tomato. 3 slices baguette)
Chicken and salad wrap - then fasting (Wrap with beef pieces and some carrots, lettuce, Worcestershire sauce - at about 5 o'clock)
1 Florentiner from bakery
1 mug hot chocolate (from new machine, very watery)
About 1 litre water
1 mug herbal tea
4 cough sweets

Walked up stairs at HBF, walked up stairs at U-Bahn.

Soup (Leek and potato soup)
Stew (Stew)
1 small apple
1 cough sweet
1 packet (yes, the whole packet) cadbury's fingers

Walked up stairs (2 floors) at work
Walked up stairs at U-Bahn

Cereal (1 cough sweet, 1 capri-sun, 1 doughnut (at about 11:30!))
Stew (Pumpkin soup, about half a packet of tortilla chips)
Soup - then fasting (forgot about fasting and worked late so stew only eaten at around 9)
About one-third of a large ritter sport
About 1 litre water

Walked up stairs at U-Bahn

Day free of tracking

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