Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday 24 July 2010

This blog will simply be a list of what I eat every day, nothing more, no explanations, no trying to make myself feel better, no recipes - just a daily keeping track of what I'm eating to stop me from clogging up my other blog! So here goes:

Half a packet of silvermints
A few small pieces of quiche, plus the crusts leftover after cutting it up - approx. two big slices altogether
2 cups herbal tea
1 cheesy roll
1 snickers
12 olives
2 glasses red wine
Leftover pasta from yesterday with the addition of extra sauce from what I'm cooking today (tomatoes and onions plus from garden courgette, garlic, chard) with about 50g cheese
1 bar ritter sport cornflakes
2.5 litres water

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