Sunday, January 26, 2014

27th January to 1st February

Planned (eaten)

Fried potatoes with dried tomatoes and cheese
Chickpea curry
About half a large ritter sport
Half a Twix
Milky way
1 trockenwurst
2 mugs herbal tea

30 minutes swimming

Porridge (porridge: half-cup oats, full cup milk, 1 teaspoon sugar)
Leek and potato soup (leek and potato soup)
Chickpea curry with rice (small portion of leftover leek and potato soup with a Trockenwurst chopped up and added. Chickpea curry with rice)
Yoghurt and mango mousse (leftovers from Thursday, dried mangos soaked in apple juice then pureed)
1 lion bar
1 bounty
1 mug herbal tea

3.37 minutes stretching
2 x walk up one flight stairs at work
Walked up stairs at U-Bahn

Porridge (2 x Käsedinkelstange)
Leek and potato soup (large portion chips, bag of chocolate raisins)
Scrambled eggs with cheese (if able to eat after dentist) Fasting

Walked home from dentist

Porridge Fasting
Chickpea curry Lunch out with colleague (Tortellini in ham and cheese sauce, 2 small slices baguette with quark)
Bread with cheese (then fasting) (Zwieback with cheese and chutney)
2 funsize mars, 2 funsize milky way, 4 maom sweets, 1 large packet salt and vinegar crisps, 1 kinder country

2 x walk up one flight stairs at work
Walk up stairs at HBF
Walk ca. 25 minutes

Fasting Cereal (rice krispies with milk)
Leek and potato soup (chickpea curry)
Chickpea curry (
1 funsize mars, 1 maom)

Something from bakery?
Bread and cheese (hairdresser appointment at lunchtime)
Burns Night Dinner


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