Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday 14th Janaury 2013

Porridge made with half-milk and half-water, sugar (8:25)
1 cough sweet
3 glasses water
Half-litre water
Half-litre fruit/spice tea (Winterzeit)
Raspberry joghurt (11:30)
Salad with pulled pork and onions/sauce with small amount of dressing made with blueberry vinegar, olive oil and water (12:45)
10 haribo sweets (mostly cola bottles)
1 kitkat chunky
1 twix (ca. 16:30)
1 apple (18:30)
3 chocolate covered macadamias (20:00)
Pineapple rice with some pork, onions and sauce (21:10)
1 mug herbal tea

Exercise: walk home from work ca. 50 mins (slowly 'cos of the snow and ice)

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