Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday 14th April 2014

1 egg poached in tomato/courgette/onion with 2 slices bread, toasted and buttered
1 smoothie (spoonful of banana, four ice-cubes frozen strawberries, low-fat natural yoghurt)
1 cup water
Several slices banana bread/cake - I lost count. Oops.
1 wholegrain wrap with oak-leaf lettuce and chickpea curry
1 apple
1 kitkat
1 litre water
1 margarita
Shared portion of guacamole and tortilla chips
1 burrito with beef, salsa, beans filling and small side salad
1 glass fizzy water
1 ritter sport knusperflakes
1 mug herbal tea

5 minutes stretching exercises
15 minute brisk walk after getting wrong tram

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